My name is Lena Ocampo,

A year ago I was diagnosed with lupus.  Now mind you,  I have been healthy all my life, so I thought.  I have never had a fever, never had the chickenpox, and maybe have had a cold several times in my entire life.  And I’m 43.  So finding out that I have an ailment completely befuddled me.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I did my research and changed my diet completely.  I ate foods that wouldn’t cause inflammation and I started meditating to keep my stress levels to a minimum because stress causes major inflammation throughout the body.  I was also taking a medication that was prescribed to me which I found out the hard way, was attacking my central nervous system.  I started doing my own research and looked up the side effects of the medication and found out that it causes multiple sclerosis.  My body was feeling all the effects of MS.  I was bed ridden for days at a time, I was having vertigo frequently, my body was feeling pins and needles all over and my sex drive was sparse.  Those were just some of the effects I encountered on a day to day basis.  I eventually stopped taking the medication and was battling major psoriatic arthritis and lethargy.  It was a challenge everyday but it was worth it not fighting the side effects of big pharma.

It just so happened that my 93 yr old grandfather was diagnosed with aggressive cancer.  They wanted him to go through radiation and of course chemo would soon follow.  My cousin had her medicinal marijuana card so I had suggested that we get my grandfather on CBD.  I had been reading so much about it, I figured why not try.  He’s at that age where we couldn’t lose trying.

At the time you could only get CBD if it was medicinal but months later I started hearing about CBD being legal where you could get it over the counter.  One day at work I met this guy who tells me he has a vape shop but also has a CBD company.  I ordered CBD tincture from him and within 3-4 months, I no longer fight psoriatic arthritis and I’m not tired all day everyday.  And my grandfather’s cancer has been reduced by 65%!!!

I can’t even tell you how miraculous this CBD journey has been for me, my family and friends.  It was enough for me to start my own company just so I could educate everyone about it.  There is still such a huge stigma with the acronym CBD just because it comes from the marijuana plant.  CBD is not psychoactive.  I take it everyday.  It’s not medication, to me I take it like a vitamin supplement.  It’s non invasive and has absolutely no side effects.

The meaning of wellness defines our mission statement!  It’s the state of being in good health in the body and the mind and the spirit, especially as an actively pursued goal.  We believe that promoting physical, mental and spiritual health is a sustainable value of our community.

Wellness is the approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.  So for that we encourage the awareness of habits that contribute to well being and we want to inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health.

Our dedication is to establish and maintain a positive and healthy environment that promotes and contributes educational information, activities and products that leads to a preferable quality of life.

We will provide a culture that supports and participates in the desire to making healthy lifestyle choices.  We will empower many generations to come by being an example through a lifelong commitment to wellness.